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As the world becomes more and more interconnected with each generation, the demand for natural resources continues to grow at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, in some cases, human greed has overshadowed the need for providing the global population with its essentials in a safe and sustainable way. Rapid deforestation is one of the ways in which this greed has manifested itself physically.

The large scale clearing and burning of some of the world’s oldest rainforests has caused a severe increase in the level of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon dioxide build up in the atmosphere, leading to global warming and a myriad of after-effects known as climate change. As a result of this, climate change has now been escalated to the forefront of some of the most critical issues our world has ever faced.

Amid this cataclysmic event, Huawei, the global multinational tech conglomerate, reached out to the CEO of Rainforest Connection (RFCx) Topher White to build a partnership that would elevate the protection and conservation of the world’s rainforests to greater heights.

RFCx, a non-profit organisation committed to protecting and saving the planet’s most precious commodities, have long been utilizing upcycled old mobile phones to monitor and record sounds of human activity within these forests. Now, thanks to their recent collaboration with Huawei, a new monitoring system consisting of cellphones and AI powered by Huawei Cloud have been rolled out in protected areas across the Palawan archipelago in the Philippines to help prevent forest destruction and illegal animal poaching.

The country’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) was thrilled with the support and immense contribution brought on by this ground-breaking union. “I look forward to the success of this project and to replicating it in other areas that face a similar situation as the Province of Palawan,” said Nilo Tamoria, executive director of the DENR Environmental Protection and Enforcement Task Force.

Daniel Guo Zhi, Huawei Philippines vice president and COO echoed Tamoria’s statement, saying, The Huawei Rainforest Connection hopes to help curb the rate of deforestation in the country, which is the largest contributor to green gas emissions, and cause of major calamities like flooding and landslides. This is the one of the projects wherein industry Telco players and Government join hands to protect our environment.”

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