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Dr Chae-Sub Lee has been participating in the work of ITU since 1987, where he has been as Director of Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB) since 2014. Ahead of the ITU’s Plenipotentiary Conference, Telecom Review Asia interviews Dr Chae-Sub Lee, candidate for the position of Deputy Secretary-General of the ITU to learn about his aspirations and plans for ITU and the global industry.

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Sub-3GHz is emerging as a valued spectrum to facilitate a 5G evolution. For operators, innovative upgrades to network featuring multi-antennas MIMO, ultra-wideband and multi-RAT coordination unleash the full potential of sub-3GHz. At the MWC Barcelona 2022, this topic took center stage as leading operators and partners in the telecom industry convened at the “Sub-3GHz Evolution Summit”.

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Namal Rajapaksa, state minister of digital technology and enterprise development at Sri Lanka, speaks to Telecom Review about the digital transformation shaping his country and its efforts in digitally enabling the citizens.

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In line with the APT web dialogue titled “Spectrum management series: The 6 GHz band and the optimal approaches in Asia-Pacific”, Telecom Review Asia interviews Scott Minehane, managing director of Windsor Place Consulting Pty Ltd on the importance of 6 GHz band partitioning to maximize national benefit in the Asia-Pacific.

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The Asia Pacific region is a breeding ground for innovation and technological excellence. Telecom Review met with Simon Lin, president, Huawei Asia Pacific to discuss the vendor’s presence in the region and its role in accelerating digital transformation and empowering ICT talent.

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On its road to the Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona, ZTE had an opportunity to conduct an interview with the Minister of Communications and Informatics Johnny G. Plate about 5G network and how it will play a crucial role in accelerating digital transformation and economic growth. The Minister stated that even though as of now 4G network is still the backbone of telecommunication network in Indonesia, deployment of 5G in the country has started. Moving forward, the government plans to accelerate the deployment of 5G network to unlock the growth potential across multiple industries.

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