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Eutelsat Asia CEO, Jean-Francois Fenech,

Headquartered in Paris, Eutelsat Communications, established in 1977, is one of the leading global satellite operators. Eutelsat Asia CEO, Jean-Francois Fenech, spoke to Telecom Review about the company's ubiquitous satellite coverage, expansion into Asia Pacific, and how Eutelsat satellites are poised to develop Africa's broadband market in partnership with Facebook.

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Marc Halbfinger, PCCW Global CEO, was present at this year’s BroadcastAsia event held in conjunction with CommunicAsia and EnterpriseIT in Singapore. Speaking to Telecom Review, he discussed PCCW Global’s international activities, and its unique role in enabling service providers and content providers with flexible approaches to capital infrastructure and quality of service (QoS).

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From left to right: Erwin Meyer, General Manager, OEM Solutions, Asia Pacific & Japan; Arul Dharmalingham, NFV Practice Lead, OEM Solutions, Dell, Asia Pacific; David Lin, Business Development Director, OEM Solutions Photo: Zane Small

The gap between telecoms and IT is shrinking rapidly as the two industries merge to form a new age of smart and efficient communication as defined by the Internet of Things. As an end-to-end IT supplier, Dell's role in telecoms is thus increasing. Dell OEM telecommunications executives, Erwin Meyer, General Manager, OEM Solutions (Telecommunications), Asia Pacific & Japan and David Lin, Business Development Director, OEM Solutions (Telecommunications) recently sat with Telecom Review in Singapore to discuss Open NFV and Dell's role in telecoms: the convergence of telecoms and IT.

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As a Communist nation, China is famous for its distrust of outsourced influence and internal uprising. Its citizens are no strangers to being evaluated by the government; a mammoth task monitoring 1.4 billion people. To maintain control of China’s vast population, the government has developed ‘China’s Social Credit System’ (SCS) to become mandatory in 2020, which will take in all of the big data tools of the information age, including electronic purchasing data, social networks and algorithmic sorting, to be used as an overall credit score for citizens.

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Imagine the alarm clock rings on a Monday morning and the curtains draw back, the bathroom lights switch on automatically and you smell fresh coffee brewing. The concept goes as far back as the 1934 World's Fair in Chicago where the home of the future was unveiled. Since then, the automated home has morphed into the smart home; it can do more than turn on our heating and our lights; it can actually think for us.

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Conax EVP Principal Architect, Tor Helge Kristiansen

With smartphone adoption, OTTs and hacker advancement is progressing like never before, with digital content continuously at risk. Many organizations have built an entire practice around the issue. One such leader in content security is Conax, a part of the Kudelski Group, who enables secure content revenues for over 400 operators, representing 140 million pay-TV consumers in 85 countries globally.

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