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Wedge Networks, the leader in orchestrated real-time threat prevention, is pleased to be working with its distributor, Quantiq International Pte. Ltd.

This partnership will bring the Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection™ (WedgeARP™) solution to the Singaporean and Indonesian markets; focusing on enterprises, governments and other organizations that are looking for real-time protection from the growing cybersecurity threats in the region.

WedgeARP utilizes technologies that incorporate Deep Learning techniques at the network layer to deliver the industry’s highest accuracy and performance for real-time, inline detection and blocking of both known and new, previously unknown Ransomware and other malware.

WedgeARP also offers a malware analyzer service which further enriches this capability by executing and characterizing suspected malware and then feeding the results back to WedgeARP systems globally to improve malware prevention accuracy for all customers using the platform.

“There are a growing number of organizations looking for an orchestrated real-time prevention solution such as WedgeARP. One that they can use to protect their networks from the onslaught of new, zero-day and unknown malware instead of relying on expensive post-breach detection and remediation,” said Dr. Hongwen Zhang, President and CTO of Wedge Networks, Inc.

“With their extensive experience in the region in providing leading technologies so that their customers can stay ahead of the technology curve, we are pleased to provide Quantiq International with highly effective and differentiated security solutions for its growing business.”

Kelvin Ng, Director at Quantiq International, said, “In our mission to be the Preferred Security Architect in the region, Quantiq partners with market-leading vendors to holistically help businesses solve ongoing advanced network security problems, such as ransomware and zero-day attacks, in their complex IT infrastructure. In today’s security threat landscape, taking a proactive approach to cyber security has become a necessity - with more and more enterprises turning away from conventional solutions that react and respond only after a breach has occurred. Addressing this critical trend in the market, Wedge Absolution Real-time Protection (WedgeARP) fits perfectly into Quantiq’s security solutions suite by allowing us to provide our clientele with real-time safeguarding against advanced malware intrusions, as well as valuable insights into what is happening within the networks themselves.”

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