Huawei announced an AI Fabric Intelligent and Lossless Data Center Network solution at the Huawei China Eco-Partner Conference 2019. The solution has been verified by Tolly- the international authoritative test organization. The results of the test showed that in typical scenarios where data centers with AI technology, Huawei Ai Fabric performs very well in terms of networking solutions and is expected to lead a new era of lossless data center networks of great intelligence.

 Huawei’s Global Industry Vision (GIV) forecasted that by 2025, AI procurement would reach 86 per cent and that AI is expected to become a key driving force in helping businesses make decisions, reshape their ecosystems and customer experiences. Also, AI is expected to trigger the transformation of ICT infrastructure.

Founder and CEO of the Tolly Group, Kevin Tolly, stated: “Through our thorough testing and verification, we are highly impressed by the network performance of the Huawei AI Fabric solution with its zero packet loss, low latency, and high throughput. Customers can clearly see the solution’s value from the complete test report. With more intelligent scheduling and lossless forwarding, we believe that it will lead the construction of data center networks in the AI era.”

Tolly tested Huawei’s data center networking solutions, along with those of other vendors, with regards to three typical application scenarios of data centers on this digital era: distributed storage, high-performance computing, and machine learning/artificial intelligence.

President of Huawei Data Centre Network Domain, Leon Wang stated: “In the AI era, data center networks must transform towards becoming intelligent and lossless, and this solution has already been put into commercial use in leading Internet enterprises. We are delighted that Tolly has conducted independent and stringent testing on Huawei AI Fabric, the results of which signify the industry recognition of the solution.”
He added, “We will continue to increase R&D investment and technological innovation, promote the development of the data communication industry, and provide customers and partners with leading products and solutions.”

Huawei is in a favorable position as a global leader in cloud data center network construction. The China-based firm’s data center networks have proven successful when they were put into commercial use and are now used by over 7800 companies around the world which has contributed to the digital transformation of industries like Internet, finance and carrier.