Vonage, global business cloud communications leader, has announced a partnership with Transcosmos research and development, Inc., an R&D and services provider based in Japan.

By leveraging Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, Transcosmos aims to provide businesses with the digital transformation tools necessary to boost operations productivity, reduce costs and maximize profits.

With fraud, spoofing, and stealth marketing issues on the rise in the Asia Pacific market and globally, there is an increasing need for ways to efficiently, securely, and reliably authenticate and confirm customer identification.

As customers demand high levels of security and accessibility, businesses can ensure customer identity by pairing usernames and passwords with two-step authentication through SMS (short message service) that utilizes mobile phone numbers through multiple web and application services.

As a Vonage partner, Transcosmos research and development will initially provide the Verify API to their global business customers as a way for them to quickly and easily implement a two-step authentication SMS and development support system into their existing framework, achieving reductions in engineering and communication costs, as well as supporting corporate security measures.

“When a company is undergoing digital transformation, implementing the latest security measures for customers is a key consideration. In today’s market, two-step authentication using SMS is effective, however the cost of sending a normal SMS is high, and there are various barriers of having an efficient delivery method in-house,” said Shohei Shimoda, Representative Director, Transcosmos Research and Development.

“Implementing the valuable, cost-effective Nexmo Verify API allows our customers to leverage a variety of capabilities including phone number verification, SMS availability, validation of short-term validity token, and more. We’re excited to advance the digital shift of companies in Asia Pacific by supporting the integration of this technology."

“Truly great customer experiences rely on the quality of customer communications, and today’s customers demand high levels of simplicity, security, and personalization from their preferred brands,” said Sunny Rao, Vice President & GM Asia Pacific & Japan, Vonage.

“The Nexmo Verify API allows forward-thinking businesses to connect with customers quickly, conveniently, and securely via SMS and Voice. We’re excited to work with Transcosmos to provide fast, reliable, easy to implement tools that will provide business customers in Japan and Asia Pacific with secure contextual communications that savvy customers look for in today’s market.”

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