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Taiwan’s government has formally announced its plans to spend $32.73m in artificial intelligence research centers over the next five years. Taiwan’s progressive government has been actively pursuing initiatives which promote the enhancement of technology and innovation in order to improve the nation. It has embraced digital transformation and technological advancement – and this latest announcement reiterates the country’s vision.

The government has claimed that the construction of the AI centers will provide a solid platform in order to help its technology enter the fledging sector. Taiwan Minister of Science and Technology, Liang-Gee Chen says the move will enable technology organizations to enter the AI sector. At a press conference in Taipei, the minister said, "The importance of AI for Taiwan is apparent through its semiconductor companies. Right now, they have an opportunity to enter the sphere of AI, and Taiwan needs to grab onto this opportunity.”

AI is one of the fastest growing markets in the ICT industry, and has seen many Chinese companies such as Baidu invest heavily in AI applications, and Chen disclosed that Taiwan intends to supply technology to these Chinese entities in the future. Chen added, “Taiwan will build three to four innovation centers, and will then seek to work with domestic and international technology firms, including Nvidia Corp, which is a leader in AI chips. The funding we hope will also help attract research and engineering talent, both from within and outside the islands.”

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