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3 (Tri), one of the leading cellular telecommunication service providers in Indonesia, has deployed Comviva’s PreTUPS™ Voucher Management System (VMS), a state of the art software that manages all stages of voucher lifecycle -  generation, distribution and redemption. PreTUPS™ VMS will help 3 Indonesia bring operational efficiency in management and distribution of recharge vouchers as well as enhance the customer experience by ensuring that customers are never turned away by the retailer due to lack of recharge voucher availability.

3 Indonesia was earlier using two solutions - Comviva’s PreTUPS™ for electronic recharge and a legacy system for physical recharge vouchers from a different vendor. With this recent implementation, Comviva will manage both electronic recharge and physical recharge vouchers bringing in operational efficiency and synergy.

PreTUPS™ VMS maps recharge vouchers to all members in a voucher distribution chain, from distributors to retailers. Thus, it allows 3 Indonesia to track vouchers end-to-end, enabling it to locate near-expiry voucher stock, redistribute vouchers and prevent voucher stock outages. This helps to ensure that retailers always have recharge vouchers to meet customer demand.

PreTUPS™ VMS supports voucher bundles. Customers can purchase a voucher bundle consisting of multiple vouchers and use the vouchers in bundle one by one as per their convenience and need.  PreTUPS™ VMS also facilitates blank vouchers. Retailers can purchase blank vouchers which do not have any recharge denomination or value. Denomination or value can be assigned to blank voucher while unlocking them. Thus, this feature provides on-demand voucher generation, allowing retailers greater control and flexibility in managing their voucher stock.

Speaking on this development, Sanjeev Rawat, Chief Information Technology Officer at 3 Indonesia said “Voucher Management System is one of the important customers facing and revenue impacting system. It is a crucial platform serving multiple business requirement. Hence, we partnered with Comviva, provider of one of the most widely deployed and reliable platform in recharge distribution domain, to enhance our capabilities of recharge voucher generation, distribution and management. PreTUPS™ VMS will not only bring operational benefits, but will also help us to optimally meet customer demand for recharge vouchers.”

David Peters, Head of South East Asia at Comviva said, “We are happy extend our partnership with 3 Indonesia in the recharge distribution and management. We are confident that like PreTUPS™ Electronic Recharge solution, PreTUPS™ Voucher Management System will also add value to 3’s business and help it to serve its customers better.”

Launched in 2007, 3 Indonesia has grown into a digital lifestyle provider. 90% of 3 users are youth smartphone users with high digital lifestyle. The success of 3 Indonesia is built upon its commitment to present innovation, better internet experience and the spirit to support the empowerment of Indonesia’s young generation.   

Comviva’s PreTUPS™ is an evolved and comprehensive prepaid account management and recharge distribution platform. It enables telecom operators to rapidly create and efficiently manage multi-level distribution hierarchy for retailing telecom products and services. PreTUPS™ empowers telecom operators to offer multiple recharge services ranging from electronic recharge, physical and digital vouchers to self-recharge, eventually helping them to profitably manage the telecom business while creating value for each subscriber. PreTUPS™ has been widely deployed by over 60 operators in more than 50 countries across the world.  

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