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PCCW Global and Neeco, a global provider of advanced ICT technologies, features and innovative solutions, have signed a collaboration agreement that will enable Neeco to make use of PCCW Global’s Console Connect IoT solution to provide greater coverage and more reliable IoT mobile connectivity for clients in the Asia Pacific region.

Neeco’s IoT solutions require consistent and reliable Internet connectivity that crosses multinational borders. PCCW Global will provide Neeco with international mobile 3G and 4G LTE SIM cards for use in conjunction with all of Neeco’s ICT services in the Asia Pacific region. These mobile connections will also serve as a backup at sites in areas where fixed-line connectivity is unreliable.

The collaboration will have an immediate and positive impact on Neeco’s popular out-ofband (OOB) management solutions, which are in high demand as site visits by field engineers become more difficult and expensive than ever before. The technology uses machine-to-machine (M2M) communication to allow support engineers to remotely diagnose and fix network issues, even if the affected network is effectively down.

Neeco’s innovative IoT solutions also enable companies to track and monitor assets and increase the safety and efficiency of their delivery. The mobile backup connections made possible by the implementation of PCCW’s Global SIM cards will represent a revolutionary network upgrade for clients who have previously had to rely exclusively on fixed-line Internet connectivity. In addition, Neeco’s pay-as-you-go model allows clients to pay only when the mobile backup connections are required, without the threat of being disconnected from the network due to a lack of activity.

PCCW Global’s Console Connect IoT solution enables Neeco to provide their clients with real-time activation and deactivation of devices, service configuration and traffic monitoring with end-to-end control and visibility across their global IoT assets. The Console Connect IoT solution will simplify the ordering of Neeco’s services, as well as the deployment and change management of Neeco’s entire global IoT network.

Mr. Craig Price, Senior Vice President of Mobility Product and Marketing, PCCW Global, said, “Collaborating with Neeco will open up a range of benefits for our clients in the Asia Pacific region. Their innovative and integrated ICT services will complement our widereaching mobile coverage, allowing both parties to offer even more effective solutions to our clients.”

Mr. David Patek, CEO, Neeco, said, “The combination of PCCW Global’s 3G and 4G LTE SIM cards and Neeco’s IoT applications makes the perfect package for customers searching for robust solutions. Working with PCCW Global in the Asia Pacific region is ideal both for us and for our clients, and we will all benefit from this collaboration.”

Mr. Petr Opravil, Senior Solutions Architect, Neeco, said, “By remotely managing network devices, our support teams can quickly address network issues and minimize downtimes. With PCCW Global’s comprehensive mobile coverage, we will be able to further elevate our service level agreements far above the industry norms.”

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