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Rosenberger Technologies Co., Ltd. and the Suzhou branch of China Mobile Group Jiangsu Company Ltd, signed a 5G strategic cooperation agreement in Kunshan (Jiangsu Province). This is yet another major cooperation project between Rosenberger and China Mobile, that involves Rosenberger and China Mobile carrying out trials of different applications of 5G, including mobile networks development, construction field testing, and building of industrial ecosystems, etc. This agreement is of great significance, as it fosters the continuous innovation and development of 5G technologies, bringing substantial benefits and value creation potential for both organizations.

Mr. Zhu Ruochong, Purchasing Deputy General Manager, Mr Zhou Xuelong, Purchasing and Logistics Department Deputy Manager, Mr. Zhang Qinghong, General Manager from China Mobile Kunshan team, and Rosenberger’s Senior Vice President, Kunshan Plant Operations Director, East China Sales Director and other relevant department heads attended the signing ceremony. During this event, Mr. Zhang Qinghong, General Manager of China Mobile (Kunshan), and Rosenberger Kunshan Plant Operations Director signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.

According to this new agreement, both parties will commit to sharing R&D resources and their respective technical advantages to carry out the following strategic framework:

China Mobile (Suzhou) will:

● Continue to promote Rosenberger’s global networking services and products.

● Provide Rosenberger’s staff and associates with a prioritized use of related 5G mobile products and China Mobile Heyi charging in Suzhou, cloud video services, intercom and 5G smart factory construction related services.

● Aid in the development of 5G technologies within Rosenberger product family.

● Provide Rosenberger technical support, aid with the coordination/organization of different technologies field tests and application analysis of its base station antenna products.

● Promote the joint development of 5G related technologies in conjunction with network field tests, construction and technical verification phases.

● Commit to learn and share information and results related to 5G technical standards and application development.

● Commit to facilitate the resources of China Mobile 5G Innovation Laboratory in Jiangsu in order to:

  • Cooperate and promote the research of new 5G applications, including intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Things, big data, cloud services, etc.
  • Promote the development of 5G chips, modules and terminals to be used in their network equipment.
  • Promote 5G Applications in the industry.

In addition, the two parties will also carry out extensive cooperation in 5G technology innovation, digital transformation, and talent training. Rosenberger is proud to maintain a close exchange with China Mobile, and to share the results of joint research projects, giving all parties involved the chance to accelerate the development of the industry and strive to lead the direction of technological development in the 5G field worldwide.

Over the years, Rosenberger has built a comprehensive development strategy with a strong emphasis on research and development, world class manufacturing, a robust quality management system, and agile logistics/distribution supporting services, in order to meet the growing global mobile communications data traffic requirements with a leading product portfolio. Today, Rosenberger provides a wide variety of 5G antenna solutions, including massive MIMO, multi-beam, 8T8R beamforming, small cells, multi-band and FDD/TDD hybrid antennas.

We rely on a strong scientific research team and advanced technology research tools, serving the telecommunication industry and continuing with the business strategy of providing "German Quality, Local Service", by implementing new development concepts and focus on our determination to contribute and shape the development of 5G in China.

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