The Chinese government has announced that it will invest a staggering $2.1 billion into the development of a new industrial park for AI research in Beijing. Other global superpowers such as Russia, the United States and the UAE have already invested heavily in AI (artificial intelligence) which has been recognized as a key economic driver in the future.

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A UK-based financial services firm has claimed that China has stolen a march on other countries, and will lead the global autonomous vehicle market, which is expected to be worth around $1 trillion by 2040. IHS MARKIT has suggested that China will spearhead the self-driving revolution and said that the country had already embarked upon a number of initiatives aimed at establishing itself as the major player in the emerging industry.

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Chinese AI firm SenseTime and Qualcomm Technologies announced plans to collaborate on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for future mobile and IoT products. This collaboration will draw from the expertise of both companies in AI by leveraging SenseTime’s ML models and algorithms with Qualcomm Snapdragon platforms, which offer advanced computing capabilities for client based AI.

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Chinese technology and media conglomerate Tencent Holdings Ltd have formally announced that they have invested almost $2 billion to acquire a 12% stake in disappearing messaging-application Snapchat. The news comes just days after Snapchat posted poor quarterly results leading to a share price drop by 16% to $12.67, a far cry from its $17 IPO in March.

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Parking management technology developer ‘Smart Parking’ has officially deployed its Internet of Things-based parking solution in the Australian city of Casey. The cutting-edge solution specifically designed to transform your parking experience consists of 904 ‘Smart Parking vehicle detection sensors which are used in order to monitor space availability and mobility bays.

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Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has entered the European market for the first time following its announcement that its devices are now retailing in Spain. It’s part of the company’s new overall global strategy that will see them attempt to penetrate new markets in the forthcoming months.

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