The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), China Unicom, ON.Lab, and Huawei have signed a MoU to collaborate on using open source software to 'transform central offices and accelerate the industry transition to third network services.'  They say they will develop proof of concept use cases that illustrate how operators can deliver agile, assured and orchestrated MEF-defined services by using open source software and open specification hardware.

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Nokia and China Mobile have conducted a trial of centralized radio access network technology within a TD-LTE network in a sports stadium to demonstrate how the combination can meet the high-speed, high-bandwidth demands generated by spectators increasingly expecting the same level of mobile connectivity they have in the home so they can share pictures and videos via social media or upload content to the cloud.

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KT and Nokia have conducted what they claim to be the industry's first eMTC (aka LTE-M) field trial, on KT's LTE network using Nokia's Flexi Multiradio 10 base station. In the trial, eMTC used only 1.4MHz of the full 20MHz LTE spectrum, leaving the remaining spectrum free for normal LTE traffic, according to Nokia.

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