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In this exclusive three-part series, Telecom Review will share valuable insights on the benchmarking of leading telecom carriers’ enterprise business operations.

In this part, we will review the telcos ARPU performance from the data gathered from Twimbit's analysis titled "Benchmarking the performance of Top 19 Global Telcos in Q1 2023."

Indian telcos Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio showcased impressive ARPU growth momentum in Q1 2023, with YoY increases of 8.4% and 27%, respectively. Notably, Indian telcos have set ambitious targets to further raise their ARPU to INR 250 (US$3.1) by 2025.

AT&T experienced a 2.0% YoY increase in ARPU, reaching US$55.1. This growth can be attributed to improved international roaming services and a strategic shift towards higher-priced unlimited plans.

Japanese telcos, operating in a mature and saturated market, witnessed a decline in ARPU as they reached peak penetration. This shift in ARPU trends is a natural progression in a saturated environment. However, these telcos anticipate stabilization in the upcoming quarters.

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