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Mobile World Congress which took place in Shanghai saw the greatest minds of technology come together to showcase their latest gadgets and promote different causes to better our lives. 

With the ever evolving nature of the technology industry, the three day conference comprised of the most interesting inventions of our time. 

A great deal of panel discussions were dedicated to helping both consumers and industry professionals better understand the technology ecosystem that we are all experiencing today. The latest issues within the tech world were discussed such as the likes of IoT, 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and even mixed reality (a combination of both AR and VR) with regards to health, agriculture, education, legislation and even aquaculture.

The prospect of 5G stole the show as it is the next up and coming technology upgrade that we have all been waiting for. Many of China's leading vendors and operators have begun to adopt, test out and match use cases to this next generation technology.   

Throughout the past few days, we also saw announcements on products, services, partnerships and collaborations as well as exclusive product launches for the very first time. 

Indeed, Lenovo launched its 5G smartphone along with the world’s first 5G laptop, while Oppo launched its latest state-of-the-art Under-screen camera and Vivo unveiled its latest 5G smartphone as well as AR Glasses.

In terms of 5G, ZTE Corporation, the vendor which launched the world’s first ever 5G smartphone last year, has been investing a great deal into its R&D, they have developed some of the most interesting and efficient tech ranging from broadband, to gaming, to 5G network solutions. Also, many believe that ZTE will be the pioneers in simplifying 5G technology.

“We believe in the future that’s why we are developing more and more new applications,” said Alex Wang, Managing Director of ZTE Corporation.

“Every year, for the past few years, we invested 10 percent of our annual revenue into R&D. And we are confident that in the near future, we will increase investments,” he added.


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