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Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications has established a team to develop 6G equipment in the country.

The team includes the country's leading telecommunications companies, such as Viettel Group, Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) and MobiFone, in cooperation with agencies from the ministry.

The research team, headed by Nguyen Thien Nghia, deputy director of the Authority of Information Technology and Communications Industry, will mainly focus on reviewing the system of legal documents to promote the development of 6G equipment.

They will also propose regulations on the management, assessment, inspection and testing of the equipment to promote the deployment of 6G networks in Vietnam.

The group will also monitor research and development (R&D) on 6G equipment around the world to learn about equipment types, bandwidth spectrums, pricing and standardization.

The team will also attend international and domestic conferences and seminars related to 6G equipment development, assessment, inspection and testing as part of their efforts to foster international cooperation in R&D for 6G technology and equipment.

A Viettel representative stated that the company has embarked on researching the manufacture of 6G equipment and acquiring patents.

Last year, the Ministry of Information and Communications also built a committee to propose a roadmap for the research, production and commercialization of 6G equipment and services, as well as solutions to support enterprises in manufacturing and commercializing 6G.

The team focuses on researching and plotting plans of action, mechanisms and policies to establish a legal environment and promote research and development on standards, application, information safety, production and marketing of 6G mobile communication devices and services in Vietnam.

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