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Rakuten Group, Inc. has strategically aligned with OpenAI, marking a pivotal partnership aimed at delivering state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) experiences to a diverse audience of Japanese and global customers, as well as enterprises. This collaboration underscores Rakuten's commitment to innovation and excellence in enhancing the digital landscape for users around the world.

The Launch of Rakuten AI for Business

Rakuten and OpenAI also launched Rakuten AI for Business, a new artificial intelligence platform powered by OpenAI, as part of this collaboration. The two businesses will build and deploy AI-powered services to business clients to improve operations, customer relationships and results. At present, Rakuten AI for Business is only available by invitation, with plans for expansion in 2024 and beyond.

Ting Cai, Rakuten Group Chief Data Officer, and Group Senior Managing Executive, noted, “Our vision for Rakuten AI for Business centers around our commitment to making AI a force for good that augments humanity, drives productivity and fosters prosperity. OpenAI has pioneered Generative AI technology, and I am extremely excited about this collaboration to bring cutting-edge innovation to businesses.”

Rakuten AI for Business serves various sectors, including, marketing, sales, customer service, operations, strategy development and engineering. The Rakuten AI Analyst uses organized data, appealing visuals and actionable insights to answer complicated business issues. The Rakuten AI Agent helps professionals give better, faster, smarter customer service in real time. For instant customer answers, the Rakuten AI Librarian will synthesize and summarize all client material.

“We are thrilled to partner with Rakuten to bring the power of AI to online experiences in Japan and beyond. We look forward to delivering meaningful solutions for business customers,” said Brad Lightcap, OpenAI Chief Operating Officer.

By harnessing the cutting-edge capabilities of OpenAI, Rakuten is positioned to elevate user experiences, drive innovation, and set new standards in the ever-evolving landscape of AI technologies. This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in advancing digital solutions and underscores the mutual commitment of both entities to shaping a smarter, more interconnected future.

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