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CelcomDigi's earnings have decreased due to the depreciation of its network assets, and its revenues have remained stagnant as the company continues to integrate its merger. According to a statement, the company's profits have dropped by 3.8% to MYR 459 million (USD 98 million) compared to the previous year.

However, the company has experienced steady growth in its prepaid, home, fiber, and other segments. The company has made progress in its merger integration and modernization efforts, with over 4,400 sites set to be upgraded by the end of October.

This has resulted in a 17% increase in download rates at these upgraded sites, while around 1,600 sites have been deactivated. Device sales have increased by 13% to MYR 392 million, and capital expenditure has risen by 8.6% to MYR 385 million to support network capacity upgrades and IT integration. The company plans to accelerate its network investment in the fourth quarter.

CelcomDigi currently has 20.6 million users across its prepaid and post-paid services, with a growth rate of 3.2%. The average revenue per user for prepaid services has declined by 3.4% to MYR 28, while post-paid services have also decreased to MYR 62.

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