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Lenovo has introduced new hybrid cloud platforms and services to enhance artificial intelligence (AI) applications. The company's ThinkAgile hyperconverged solutions and ThinkSystem servers, powered by Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, aim to improve performance, management, and efficiency of its hybrid cloud platform.

Implementing AI Using Existing IT Infrastructures

These solutions enable customers to implement AI using their existing IT infrastructure and support a dynamic hybrid AI approach across different models. Lenovo's ThinkAgile hybrid cloud solutions offer improved AI performance and cloud agility with increased compute power and faster memory. The company also provides professional services for AI and as-a-service offerings to simplify IT and accelerate AI adoption.

Lenovo's goal is to reduce the IT footprint, increase return on investment, and deliver accurate business outcomes. The new hybrid cloud platforms seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructure and incorporate AI acceleration technology, advanced management, reliability, and security features.

Lenovo’s Portfolio

Lenovo has expanded its portfolio with various optimized solutions for AI, partnering with Intel to deliver the latest technology. Additionally, Lenovo offers TruScale for Hybrid Cloud, a flexible and fully managed on-premises data center solution, as well as TruScale Hybrid Cloud for Edge, which provides a cost-effective solution for edge AI with a self-service cloud management platform.

Lenovo also offers professional services for AI to help organizations deploy AI effectively and achieve the desired business outcomes. Lenovo's hybrid cloud solutions are complemented by its AI PC innovation, with the latest ThinkPad X1 and IdeaPad Pro 5i laptops featuring Intel Core Ultra processors and high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity for AI computing tasks.

Lenovo's recent introduction of innovative hybrid cloud platforms and services represents a significant stride in advancing artificial intelligence applications. The integration of ThinkAgile hyperconverged solutions and ThinkSystem servers, fueled by Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, underscores Lenovo's commitment to enhancing its hybrid cloud platform. This strategic move not only addresses the evolving needs of AI applications but also positions Lenovo at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions in an increasingly sophisticated technological landscape.

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