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NTT Global Data Centers Japan (NTT GDCJ) and TEPCO Power Grid, Inc. (TEPCO PG) are establishing a new company to pioneer the development and operation of advanced data centers in the Greater Tokyo Inzai-Shiroi area.

Enhancing Power Infrastructure and Connectivity

This collaboration aims to strategically position data centers across Greater Tokyo to enhance both power infrastructure and connectivity. By strategically placing data centers, the collaboration addresses the critical aspect of power infrastructure. This entails optimizing the distribution and accessibility of power resources to ensure the reliability and sustainability of the data centers. The result is a robust and resilient power infrastructure that can efficiently meet the growing demands of data processing and storage, promoting operational stability and continuity.

The strategic positioning of data centers in Greater Tokyo is poised to significantly enhance connectivity. This is crucial in the modern digital landscape, where seamless and high-speed connectivity is imperative for the efficient functioning of various industries. By strategically locating data centers, the collaboration ensures that businesses, institutions, and individuals in the region have access to enhanced network capabilities, fostering a more connected and technologically advanced community.

The establishment of strategically positioned data centers contributes to the overall economic growth of Greater Tokyo. As a hub for technological innovation and digitalization, the region becomes more attractive to businesses seeking advanced data solutions. This, in turn, can stimulate economic activity, attract investments, and create job opportunities, positioning Greater Tokyo as a key player in the global digital economy.

As a pivotal initial step, the partners are set to acquire land in Inzai-Shiroi, recognized as a key Asia-Pacific hub for expansive data center facilities.

The new data centers will have a total IT load of 50MW. The company is set to be established in spring 2024, and the first capacity is scheduled in the second part of the 2026 fiscal year.

NTT GDCJ will invest JPY 1.5 trillion (USD 12 billion) over five years to build and modernize its worldwide data center business as part of the agreement. In its fourth extensive special business plan, the TEPCO Group, renowned for its dedication to enhancing power generation, transmission efficiency, and sustainability, will leverage its proficiency in constructing and operating power facilities. Additionally, the plan involves optimizing existing assets, including available land resources.

The Influence of Generative AI

The partnership between NTT GDCJ and TEPCO was established as generative AI and other sophisticated technologies are driving data utilization and computation to record highs. NTT GDCJ and TEPCO PG are creating an innovative data center model to support digitalization and carbon neutrality.

The envisioned data center model is poised to be a trailblazer, providing a robust infrastructure that supports the digital transformation initiatives of various industries. Beyond meeting the immediate requirements of data processing and storage, it is designed with a forward-thinking approach to contribute to sustainability goals. The emphasis on carbon neutrality aligns with the global commitment to mitigating the environmental impact of data centers, making the collaboration between NTT GDCJ and TEPCO PG a key player in fostering both technological advancement and environmental responsibility.

NTT GDCJ boasts extensive expertise in telecommunications, data processing, and the construction and management of globally standardized data centers. However, TEPCO Group's expertise in power facilities and scattered power optimization helps carbon-neutral solutions.

This partnership is a major move forward in NTT GDCJ’s goal to expand in Japan and serve global data center clients. This also showcases their dedication to technical innovation, sustainability, and digital transformation.

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