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China has been projected to lead the global adoption of 5G technology by 2023, according to research compiled by CCS Insight. CCS Insight have claimed that the country’s booming market will ensure and facilitate that 5G is quicker out of the starting blocks than any other previous mobile technology.

CSS Insight have forecasted that 5G connections will reach 1 billion worldwide by mid-2023, taking less time than 4G to reach the iconic connectivity milestone. In addition to this, CCS Insight has claimed that as early as 2022, China will account for more than all of global 5G subscriptions. In fact, even by 2025 when the next-generation technology has been deployed in most world regions – China will still lead the way with more than four in every ten 5G connections globally.

The United States, Japan and South Korea are currently embroiled in a battle to be the first country to launch commercial 5G networks. However, it has become evident that despite this, China will take an early lead in relation to the number of subscribers it will amass. Despite the EU’s ambition, network roll-out in the continent will trail the rest by at least twelve months.

VP of forecasting at CSS Insight, Marina Koytcheva expressed her belief that China will play a much more prominent role in the developing of 5G than it did in 4G.

She said, “We see China playing a far more influential role in 5G than it did in 4G. Size, scale and economic growth give China an obvious head start, but we expect network deployments to be much faster than in the early days of 4G. China will dominate 5G thanks to its political ambition to lead technology development, the inexorable rise of local manufacturer Huawei and the breakneck speed at which consumers have upgraded to 4G connections in the recent past.

However, CSS Insight has estimated that in the long-term, 5G adoption will follow a similar path to that of 4G LTE technology. Subscriptions to 5G networks will reach 2.6 billion in 2025, which is the equivalent to more than one in every five mobile connections.

The market information, intelligence and analysis firm stressed that it believes mobile broadband access on smartphones will be the dominant area of 5G adoption. By 2025, it will represent a staggering 99% of total 5G connections on a global basis.

Insight principal analyst at CSS Insight, Kester Mann pointed to the demand for video consumption and speed as the key factors in 5G networks and adoption.

He said, “The unrelenting hype that has surrounded 5G for several years has seen a diverse range of applications put forward as the main drivers of adoption. Some of them will be relevant at different times of the technology's development, but the never-ending need for speed and people's apparently limitless demand for video consumption will dominate 5G networks."

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