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DITO Telecommunity, one of the major telecommunications corporations in the Philippines, has launched the DITO Super Core Data Center in Batangas, Philippines, powered by ZTE.

The data center complies with the Tier III design standard and will become the first center in the Philippines to pass such standard certification. The DITO Super Core Data Center is designed to further improve local digital infrastructure and enhance data services.

The design of the data center focuses on the security of network transmission through resiliency against natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes. The facilities also pay more attention to the growing concern of the telecommunications industry on energy efficiency and environmental protection in such design and operations.

As the major partner of DITO Telecommunity in this project, ZTE has shared its rich end-to-end expertise, from analyzing local process specifications in the early stages of the project, consultation on construction solutions, to the design of solutions, and project delivery, ensuring the smooth and timely turnover of the data center.

ZTE’s iDCIM intelligent management system has been adopted in the building’s equipment management to improve the operation efficiency of the data center and achieve green energy savings. The system manages operation parameters of the data center in real-time to provide data support for efficient energy saving and O&M.

Compared to the traditional data center featuring multiple interfaces, complex procedures and a long construction period, the DITO Super Core Data Center employs ZTE's micro-module solution, which is modular and standardized. Multiple modules can be installed in parallel, enabling the delivery time to be shortened by 60%.

“We can regard the DITO Super Core Data Center as the heart of the body. Only a safe and healthy beating heart can support the business. The data center adopts the advanced and innovative technology in the industry. Through its multiple-level protections, the data center is truly reliable ,” said Wan Min, president of ZTE Philippines. “It will also become the first Uptime Tier-III data center in the Philippines. By adhering to energy conservation and emission reduction, it has achieved a lower PUE with an intelligent energy management system, which is efficient and environmentally friendly."

The launch of the DITO Super Core Data Center further solidifies the commitment of DITO Telecommunity to providing world-class telecommunication services for Filipinos, thus boosting the digital transformation of the Philippines.


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