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Internet exchange operator DE-CIX has announced its plans to establish a joint venture company called PT DE-CIX Indonesia with PT IDMarco Digital Solusi, a subsidiary of the Salim Group, a major Indonesian conglomerate. The new company will create a distributed internet exchange across multiple data centers in Jakarta using the DE-CIX Apollon platform.

This platform was designed to handle the increasing number of customers and data traffic at DE-CIX's interconnection platforms. DE-CIX Jakarta will be connected to the existing DE-CIX ecosystem in Southeast Asia, covering six metro markets: Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Brunei and Manila. This connection will allow customers at any of the exchanges to access networks at any of the other IXs in the region, providing a seamless connection and cost-effective peering across Southeast Asia.

DE-CIX Jakarta will also offer local and regional interconnection, including cloud exchange capabilities, to enhance the user experience for Indonesian end-users and provide a range of cloud interconnection services for enterprises. The platform includes advanced security features and statistical data analysis to help participants understand their traffic patterns.

CEO of DE-CIX, Ivo Ivanov, explains that Indonesia is the next logical step for DE-CIX in the region due to its large population and fast-growing economy. While mega-hubs like Singapore and Hong Kong will remain important, DE-CIX expects to see significant growth in markets like Jakarta.

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