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SPTel, a joint venture between ST Engineering and SP Group, has launched its Edge Cloud solution, which offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service capabilities. This solution allows businesses to access services such as Virtual Machine-as-a-Service, Container-as-a-Service, Storage-as-a-Service and Backup-as-a-Service. It provides scalability and rapid resource provisioning for businesses. The solution incorporates the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, enabling businesses to easily scale, manage and monitor their edge cloud resources.

SPTel's Edge Cloud is hosted in secure infrastructure locations across Singapore, providing low-latency performance, proximity to data sources, and robust cybersecurity protection. This ensures businesses can maintain security, control, and data sovereignty over critical data. By leveraging SPTel's low-latency network and direct cloud connectivity solutions, businesses can achieve optimal performance for their applications on both edge and public clouds.

CEO of SPTel, Titus Yong, highlights the security, scalability and control offered by the Edge Cloud solution. He emphasizes that businesses can enjoy a highly secure, low-latency, and scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service that meets their evolving needs while adhering to data security and network diversity requirements.

SPTel is the only cloud provider offering a one-stop solution covering network, compute, storage and security requirements through an “as-a-service” model. Yong is excited to see how this solution helps businesses enhance operational efficiency, drive innovation and unlock growth opportunities.

Furthermore, the Managing Director of HPE Singapore, Joseph Yang, emphasizes the importance of their partner ecosystem in delivering choice and flexibility to customers. The partnership between HPE and SPTel aims to redefine cloud management for hybrid clouds in Singapore. By combining HPE capabilities with SPTel's secure edge cloud, they offer an unparalleled Cloud Management-as-a-Service solution.

This partnership will contribute to a digital landscape that fosters innovation, drives growth and provides unmatched cloud management capabilities for businesses in Singapore. HPE GreenLake is HPE's portfolio of cloud and as-a-service solutions, delivering a cloud experience wherever apps and data reside. It can be deployed on-premises, at the edge, or in colocation facilities, and it can connect to public clouds.

HPE GreenLake has a large customer base, powering millions of connected devices and managing vast amounts of data globally. It offers a single control plane for automating, orchestrating, and running hybrid cloud strategies. The scalable, pay-as-you-go HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform provides robust security, compliance and control and supports a wide partner ecosystem.

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