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The Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC) and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), cementing their commitment to enhancing collaboration and cooperation in addressing competition issues that affect both regulators.

The MoU signifies an important step toward strengthening the connection between MyCC and MCMC. The regulators have constantly worked together to defend market competition and consumer welfare, a mission they hope to improve through this collaboration.

A key component of this partnership is their joint enforcement capacity in high-rise residential buildings, addressing exclusivity agreements between telcos and property developers or joint management organizations, which were launched in response to public complaints.

Furthermore, realizing the impact of the digital economy on market dynamics and consumer preferences, the two agencies have been actively coordinating to address competition problems linked to e-commerce platforms and delivery partners.

The Memorandum of Understanding offers a framework for systematic collaboration efforts, including activities such as alliance strengthening, advocacy, capacity building, joint investigations and enforcement measures. MyCC and MCMC hope to achieve mutual advantages and increase the effectiveness of economic policies that safeguard consumer interests through competition policies and enforcement by aiding each other in their respective functions.

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