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ZTE and AIS have completed a successful trial to build an autonomous network with ZTE's autonomous network solution uSmartNet at the A-Z center in Thailand.

The trial was based on the VMAX, the core product of ZTE's uSmartNet, to implement end-to-end link correlation among user, RAN, core, bearer and SP, successfully demonstrating services such as end-to-end customer complaint analysis. AI self-learning technologies were adopted in the services in support of one-click demarcation and locating of service problems, enabling them to rapidly respond to customer complaints and improve complaint handling efficiency significantly.

VMAX is ZTE's next-generation digital transformation platform that employs big data and AI technologies to build a high-level autonomous network with cross-domain support and accelerate operational efficiency. Through learning the historical time series data of the indicators, it can predict abnormal services and execute automated diagnosis and recovery before customers are affected. Relying on the capabilities of data integration and AI engine, VMAX can use the AI data model to build a relationship between networks and service requirements and predict the trend, thus providing proactive service guarantee and precise marketing support.

AIS is committed to delivering a premium experience by pursuing innovative solutions. Since 2022, AIS and ZTE have fully initiated their strategic cooperation towards autonomous networks. The trial will further promote in-depth research and exploration into autonomous networks. Both parties will work together to complete tests in more scenarios and evaluate AIS’s autonomous network level, boosting the development of the digital economy.


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