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NTT Ltd., a leading provider of IT infrastructure and services, and Cisco, a global technology leader, are collaborating to develop and deploy combined solutions that strategically support large enterprises' sustainability goals. Using NTT's Edge-as-a-Service portfolio and Cisco's IoT capabilities, the two companies' solutions will provide real-time data insights, enhanced security, better decision-making and lower operational costs via predictive maintenance, asset tracking and supply chain management capabilities.

The companies will offer solutions that integrate NTT's Managed Services expertise, real-time analytics, edge automation and complex IT environment management with Cisco's IoT capabilities, including Low Power Wide Area Networking (LoRaWAN).

“We are accelerating our IoT business initiatives to deliver a powerful portfolio of repeatable services that can be tailored to meet customer demand for these kinds of solutions. We’re in a unique position,” said Devin Yaung, SVP of group enterprise IoT products and services at NTT.

Samuel Pasquier, VP of product management, industrial IoT networking, Cisco, further commented, “We are excited to work together to accelerate our customers to this IOT-as-a-Service model so they can quickly realize business benefits across industries and the globe.”

NTT has also expanded its IoT consulting and services business, which now includes over 1000 practitioners and 100 use cases in sectors such as connected automobiles, fleet management, predictive maintenance, smart cities, digital twins, connected factories, utilities and others. NTT has already educated over 500 Cisco sales professionals in order to boost its combined skills and go-to-market operations.

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