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Vanuatu operator Wave has teamed up with local ISP 3 Link to introduce an affordable 5G broadband service in 2024. The service will be available throughout the archipelago. 3 Link has been using Kacific's satellite broadband technology to provide coverage in Vanuatu since 2020.

Now, with the help of Wave's network architecture, they will enhance the performance of this connectivity using 5G and Wi-Fi routers.

The founder of 3 Link, Millie Ogden, believes that this digital infrastructure will contribute to the country's sustainable economic growth and climate resilience, creating a brighter future for Vanuatu.

Wave CEO Paul Hyde also emphasizes the importance of connectivity in driving progress. He believes that by working together, they can bridge the digital divide and provide Vanuatu with accessible, high-speed internet, which will pave the way for innovation, education and economic growth.

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