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NOW Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with AST SpaceMobile, a US-based Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite company. The purpose of this partnership is to connect remote areas in the Philippines that have limited or no infrastructure.

NOW Corporation aims to provide comprehensive communication services, including voice, video, data, and internet connectivity to these regions. The chairman of NOW Corporation, Mel Velarde, stated that every Filipino will be able to connect their mobile phones, nationwide, through AST's single cell site in the sky.

This collaboration supports NOW Corporation's Trusted Network initiative, which focuses on partnering with vendors that are not considered a security risk. In addition to this partnership, NOW Corporation has also signed a MoU with Mangata Networks to offer satellite broadband and edge computing services to businesses in the Philippines.

The partnership between NOW Corporation and AST SpaceMobile is poised to revolutionize connectivity in remote areas of the Philippines, addressing infrastructure limitations and advancing NOW Corporation's goal of providing comprehensive communication services, while also aligning with their Trusted Network initiative.

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