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CBC Tech, a next-generation Network as a Service (NaaS) provider in the Asia Pacific region, has formed a strategic partnership with Cirion Technologies, a leading digital infrastructure and technology provider in Latin America.

Enhancing Customer Offerings

The goal of this collaboration is to expand market penetration and enhance customer offerings in Latin America, China, and the Asia Pacific region for both companies. Under this partnership, CBC Tech will serve as a key partner, distributing Cirion's infrastructure and IT services to customers in China and the Asia Pacific region across 20 countries in Latin America.

Leveraging CBC Tech's extensive network and expertise, Cirion aims to meet the needs of customers in China and the Asia Pacific region by providing local support and a personalized customer experience. For CBC Tech, known for its innovative technology solutions, this partnership presents an important opportunity to diversify and strengthen its product portfolio in Latin America. By integrating Cirion's services into its offerings, CBC Tech will be able to provide customers in Latin America with a wider range of advanced solutions.

Addressing a Global Demand

The Chief Strategy & Customer Officer at CBC Tech, Ricky Chau, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that the partnership with Cirion demonstrates their commitment to expanding their global presence and meeting the growing demand for services in Latin America. Chau believes that this collaboration will greatly enhance the services CBC Tech can offer to its customers in Latin America.

Meanwhile, Gabriel Holgado, Executive Vice President of Global Sales at Cirion, shared his optimism about the partnership, stating that it strengthens their commitment to customers in China and the Asia Pacific region. Holgado believes that this collaboration will enable them to effectively meet their clients' specific needs.

The partnership between CBC Tech and Cirion is a testament to their strategic alliance focused on driving innovation, expanding their global reach, and delivering high-quality services to customers in different regions. This collaboration is expected to redefine the technology solutions landscape in Latin America, China, and the Asia Pacific region.

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