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Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), the largest integrated information communication technology (ICT) company in Pakistan, and DE-CIX, a leading internet exchange (IX) operator, have announced the inauguration of the Pakistan Internet Exchange (PIE) powered by DE-CIX. This is the first carrier-neutral IX in the country.

Utilizing the DaaS Model

The IX is located at the PTCL data center in Karachi and is operated by DE-CIX under the DE-CIX as a service (DaaS) model. It is built on DE-CIX's interconnection infrastructure. The interconnection platform provides local peering and remote access to DE-CIX Frankfurt, one of the largest IXs in the world. The DaaS program offers services such as installation, maintenance, provisioning, marketing, and sales support.

It allows digital infrastructure operators to create their own IX and interconnection platform, fully operated by DE-CIX. Furthermore, it provides a pre-configured and standardized solution for setting up an internet exchange. The new IX will serve as a hub for regional connectivity, allowing local networks to employ low-latency interconnection and localize global content. Additionally, it will also improve network stability, scalability, and security.

Revolutionizing Pakistan’s Digital Landscape

DE-CIX's platform has the potential to revolutionize Pakistan's digital landscape by providing advanced interconnection infrastructure and access to global internet exchange (IX) services. With the deployment of DE-CIX's interconnection platform, Pakistan can establish local peering points, allowing internet service providers (ISPs), content providers, and enterprises to directly exchange internet traffic within the country. This localized peering enhances internet performance, reduces latency, and lowers operational costs by minimizing reliance on international links for interconnection.

Moreover, by offering remote access to DE-CIX Frankfurt, one of the world's largest IXs, the platform opens up unprecedented opportunities for Pakistani businesses to connect with a vast global network of peers, content providers, and cloud service providers. This global connectivity facilitates the seamless exchange of internet traffic, content delivery, and access to cloud services, enabling Pakistani organizations to enhance their digital capabilities, expand their reach, and compete more effectively in the global marketplace.

Expanding IXs Through Strategic Partnerships

DE-CIX and PTCL signed a strategic partnership to establish an IX in Pakistan in March last year. Additionally, DE-CIX has been expanding its presence in various regions— it launched its first two internet exchanges in Mexico in November last year and expanded its presence in Delhi in August 2023. It also announced plans to establish a joint venture company called PT DE-CIX Indonesia in July last year.

DE-CIX's strategic partnerships and expansions across the globe, including collaborations with PTCL in Pakistan, launches in Mexico, expansion in Delhi, and plans for joint ventures like PT DE-CIX Indonesia, exemplify its commitment to revolutionizing internet exchanges worldwide.

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