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MYCOM OSI, a top independent provider of network assurance and service experience assurance solutions for some of the largest communications service providers (CSPs) globally, announced at FutureNet World 2024 in London on April 16-17 that its Service Experience Assurance Solution (enhanced with SOC Automation) has delivered impressive results for the NOC/SOC (network operations center/service operations center) of Globe Telecom—the leading mobile network operator and digital solutions platform in the Philippines.

The Service Experience Assurance solution from MYCOM OSI, which includes service quality management, service impact analysis, and an enterprise portal, along with SOC Automation, operates on the AWS public cloud to monitor the quality of premium 4G/5G services using automation, intelligent traffic profiling, and predictive algorithms. This unique solution allows for a zero-touch NOC/SOC approach.

Improving Call Center Operations

Globe Telecom is a major CSP in the Philippines, serving over 57 million mobile customers with fixed, broadband, data, internet, and managed services. It is a subsidiary of Ayala Corporation and Singtel, both well-known industry leaders in the region. The MYCOM OSI Service Experience Assurance offering with SOC Automation Solution on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) infrastructure provides analytics and converged IT and network root-cause analysis to automate fault handling processes.

By deploying the MYCOM OSI solution across its mobile, broadband, and enterprise networks, Globe Telecom achieved proactive customer outreach for fixed line and mobile services, leading to pre-emptive remediation. This resulted in an 80%+ reduction in MTTx (mean time to detect, identify, correlate, and remediate) at the NOC and SOC; 100% automation of ticket creation at Globe Telecom’s NOC and SOC; and a 25% decrease in network complaints at Globe Telecom’s call center, improving the average handling time of call center agents.

Pioneering Digital Transformation

Dennis Abella, Vice President and Head of OSS at Globe Telecom, stated, "The MYCOM OSI Service Experience Assurance offering with SOC Automation Solution aligns with our commitment to customer satisfaction and supports our digital transformation goals."

Mounir Ladki, President and CTO at MYCOM OSI, emphasized the importance of service performance and reliability in the telecommunications industry, highlighting the significance of the Service Experience Assurance and SOC Automation Solution in achieving digital transformation.

Jithu Raghavendran, Vice President of Telco Transformation & Automation/AI Solutions at MYCOM OSI, highlighted the operational benefits of the solution, including the proactive monitoring of service quality, intelligent root cause analysis, and automated trouble-ticketing, resulting in significant time savings for Globe Telecom’s operations team.

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