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CDNetworks has announced a substantial upgrade to its digital network in South and Southeast Asia (SSEA), increasing its capacity by 10 Tbps. This upgrade is designed to enhance and support the region’s digital infrastructure, addressing the growing demand for digital services.

The additional bandwidth is part of CDNetworks’ strategy to ensure 100% coverage across the region. This comprehensive coverage is further bolstered by the deployment of 10 local scrubbing centers throughout SSEA. These scrubbing centers play a crucial role in cybersecurity, filtering out malicious traffic and ensuring the integrity and reliability of network services.

By expanding its network capacity and enhancing its security measures, CDNetworks aims to provide faster, more reliable internet services. This will support the region's digital economy, enabling businesses to scale their online operations, improving user experiences, and facilitating the growth of digital innovations across South and Southeast Asia.

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Foundation for Digitalization

The 10 Tbps upgrade is set to utilize strengthened partnerships with more than 80 regional internet service providers (ISPs) to further extend its coverage. This expansion initiative will involve the establishment of additional Points of Presence (PoPs), with the aim of surpassing 220 PoPs by the year's end. These PoPs will be strategically positioned to cover a wide geographical area, encompassing ASEAN countries, South Asia, and the South Pacific Islands.

By forging deeper collaborations with ISPs and establishing more PoPs, CDNetworks aims to enhance connectivity and accessibility across the region. This extensive network infrastructure will not only improve the speed and reliability of digital services but also facilitate seamless access to online resources for businesses and individuals alike. Additionally, the expanded coverage will support the growing demand for digital content and services in diverse markets, contributing to the continued development of the digital ecosystem in South and Southeast Asia.

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Ensuring Business Success

Antony Li, the Global Head of Infrastructure at CDNetworks, emphasized the significant impact of this improvement, highlighting its ability to help businesses succeed in the digital era.

Over the past 20 years, CDNetworks has established a strong local support system in the SSEA which combines infrastructure, local operation teams, and customized solutions to assist organizations in their digitalization efforts.

With its latest upgrade, the company is well-equipped to cater to the distinct requirements of the varied industries in the region, thanks to its committed local managers, strategically placed offices, and a global service center in Malaysia.

CDNetworks is committed to driving digital innovation and enhancing online experiences across South and Southeast Asia.

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