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M1 Limited, a top Mobile Network Operator in Singapore, has announced the release of the True 5G Eco SIM for new sign-ups to M1's Bespoke plans in honor of World Environment Day.

The company is taking steps to minimize its environmental impact by introducing a new half-sized SIM card (half the size of a credit card) made from recycled materials, which will gradually replace the current Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) SIM cards. This move is not only eco-friendly but also reduces logistics costs.

By reducing the size of the SIM card holder and using recyclable materials, M1 can reduce plastic use by 50% and the product carbon footprint by 30% in the SIM production department.

M1's Eco-Half SIM cards offer several benefits, including reducing the use of natural resources, keeping CO2 emissions in check, limiting waste and lowering logistics costs. By using recycled materials and reducing the size of the card, natural resources are conserved, and CO2 emissions are reduced. Additionally, the smaller card size has a significant impact on plastic waste. Lower volume and weight also save on transport costs and reduce the overall carbon footprint from a logistics perspective.

M1 is one of the first providers in Singapore to offer 5G eSIM, in addition to the True 5G Eco SIM. An eSIM is a digital SIM that allows users to activate a mobile plan without a physical nano-SIM.

Additionally, M1 is also taking steps to reduce e-waste by encouraging customers to trade in their old devices in store. These devices will either be repurposed for new devices or sent to recycling partners to recover precious materials and support sustainable practices.

Chief Executive Officer of M1, Mr. Manjot Singh Mann, stated, “In line with Keppel’s Vision 2030, which places sustainability at the core of its strategy, M1 is doing its part to combat climate change.

“The introduction of True 5G Eco SIM is one way we are addressing the problem of plastic waste in the telecommunications industry, contributed by SIM card production, and we will continue to integrate responsible practices to our operations as we work towards a connected, sustainable future,” he concluded.

From June 5, you can get True 5G Eco SIMs at any M1 shop.

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