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In a major collaboration aimed at revolutionizing the electric mobility sector in India, Matter Motor Works, a technology-led innovation start-up, has partnered with Bharti Airtel, one of India's leading telecommunications service providers. The partnership aims to deploy Airtel's IoT (Internet of Things) solution on Matter AERA, India's first and only geared electric motorbike.

Airtel will enable advanced automotive-grade E-Sims (Embedded SIMs) on all Matter AERA bikes as part of the agreement. Pre-orders for these cutting-edge electric motorcycles began on May 17th. In the beginning, 60,000 Matter AERA motorcycles will be outfitted with Airtel E-Sims, which include enhanced IoT capabilities, providing a smart and connected riding experience on Airtel's superior pan-India network.

Over the next three years, Matter Motor Works plans to build over 300,000 AERA bikes. Real-time tracking of these cars will be feasible due to Airtel's powerful IoT technology, known as the "Airtel IoT Hub." Furthermore, the IoT platform will use advanced analytics to monitor the operation of the bikes while ensuring high dependability and telco-grade security.

Harish Laddha, CEO, Emerging Business, Airtel, commented on the partnership, saying, “Airtel is delighted to partner with Matter Motor Works and offer best-in-class connected mobility solutions to their consumers using our cutting-edge IoT solutions. As the country embarks on its ambitious goal to reduce its carbon footprint, green mobility will play a critical role in helping India achieve its net-zero goals. We look forward to this partnership, to setting new benchmarks and demonstrating how technology can enable efficient services and solutions for companies that embrace technology. Airtel continues to strongly drive the IoT agenda and is currently working with a whole host of companies in the industry, including electric vehicles, automotive, utilities, logistics and fintech. We are confident that in the months to come, Airtel will be a critical player in India’s IoT journey.”    

“The Internet-enabled motorbike has the power to curate and redesign connected experiences, making Matter's AERA the smart bike of the future. We are extremely delighted to partner with Airtel to start our journey of connectivity on the move, deploying the power of IoT for continuously enhancing experiences,” added Matter founder and CEO, Mohal Lalbhai.

This collaboration between Matter Motor Works and Bharti Airtel marks a significant advancement in India's electric mobility environment. The firms hope to provide riders with a seamless and highly advanced riding experience while contributing to the country's sustainable development goals.

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