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Durdans Hospital has partnered with Dialog Enterprise to adopt a cutting-edge Software Defined Wide Area Network (SDWAN) solution, which is expected to boost the healthcare connectivity and operational efficiency in Sri Lanka.

Durdans Hospital has been a symbol of exceptional quality and innovation in Sri Lanka's healthcare industry for more than seventy years. The hospital is well-known for its dedication to improving medical standards by employing highly skilled doctors, specialists, and staff.

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The partnership highlights the hospital’s commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology to improve patient care and operational efficiency. Durdans intends to enhance its network infrastructure by installing the SDWAN solution, which will enable it to provide uninterrupted access throughout its laboratory network across the country, promoting centralized administration and management, thereby streamlining operations and improving the efficiency of laboratory services.

“This solution enables us to focus on patient care while ensuring a robust and secure network infrastructure,” said Mahanil Perera, COO at Durdans Hospital.

Dialog’s SDWAN solution will prioritize safeguarding patient data by strengthening network security and adopting strong data encryption algorithms. This will ensure the secure transfer and retention of patient data, protecting against unauthorized entry and breaches of information.

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Navin Pieris, Group Chief Officer at Dialog Enterprise, emphasized the significance of the SDWAN solution in maintaining patient confidentiality and fostering trust in the era of digital technology.

 “Seamless connectivity and robust security are essential for optimal patient care. Our SDWAN solution enhances network infrastructure, streamlines operations, and ensures secure data transmission,” added Pieris.

The SDWAN solution enables corporations to efficiently manage and run network infrastructure that supports multiple connections without any disruptions. It also offers automated application-aware routing and optimizes the use of existing connectivity options. Lastly, it promises high-quality user experience at a reasonable price.

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