The fourth industrial revolution has arrived, bringing with it a digital cache of untapped potential ranging from biometrics to blockchain. Companies, enterprises and institutions across multiple sectors are now gunning to become the first within their industries to adopt, implement and fully utilize these emerging technologies that come with such rapid global digitisation. Out of all the new technologies that will undoubtedly change our lives, Big Data is the most crucial and in-demand field that not only allows us to harness incredible amounts of data at any given time, but helps us collect, curate and analyse specific aspects of that data that can be used to leverage actionable insight and ameliorate real-time decision making challenges. 

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“ZTE is very collaborative with Asia’s governments and regulators in order to help them have a clear picture of what 5G means to their economic growth.”

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The rapid acceleration towards 5G network mobilisation is pushing service providers all over the Asia Pacific region to find newer and more progressive modes of connectivity and seamless integration across multiple sectors.

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