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Thailand-based queuing app QueQ has recently launched in Malaysia, offering users a convenient new way to receive services much faster and in a stress-free manner instead of wasting time waiting in long lines.

As an example, users are able to view the queue at a location of their choice from their smartphones and would simply need to request for a number via the app to wait in line.

Notifications will be sent in real time to update users on the status of their wait time and this can be done from 100 metres to 10 kilometres away, depending on the default distance customization set by the specific outlet.

This revolutionary system, the brainchild of Thailand-based startup QueQ, addresses the key points of inconvenience when it comes standing in line for service, be it making a reservation at a restaurant, bank transactions or medical services.

Founder and Chief Executive of QueQ, Rungsun Joh Promprasith said, “We want to expand beyond a lifestyle mobile app that addresses the pain points of long queues at F&B outlets. We realised the potential of this solution to help the other sectors like the banks, hospitals, clinics, telcos, government service centres and other customer service centres which are often faced with heavy queue line and we are confident it will help them better optimise the queuing time.”


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