ZTE is a major Chinese multinational telecom vendor which provides solutions that range from mobile internet to data telecommunications gear to smartphones.

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The Asia Pacific region is currently witnessing the untethered mushrooming of emerging technologies, establishing itself as a global startup hotbed for creators, artists, entrepreneurs and disruptors all scrambling to get a piece of the millennial success story pie. Undoubtedly, many of these success stories can trace their lineage back to the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Google, who dominated the late 20th century and kick-started an era of renewed innovation powered by youthful vigour and an unrelenting hunger to succeed. Within the countries in Southeast Asia specifically, the marriage between its growing economies and society’s increasing tech savviness has birthed a flourishing startup ecosystem unlike any other, simultaneously transforming the region’s socio-economic landscape whilst providing numerous opportunities to its different communities.

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In a society that has become increasingly preoccupied with having the latest technologically-advanced gadgets and apps for ease, entertainment and leisure, it is easy to forget that there are still billions of world citizens, especially children, who are suffering in silence from the lack of basic healthcare and nutritional needs. In light of this confronting reality, one man has decided to use his influence and platform to change this, beginning with his home country of India.

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