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The world is experiencing quantum leaps in digitalization, as technology is embraced in ways never before prior to the pandemic. At the same time, digital fraud poses a bigger threat as digital transaction volumes increase, with annual losses amounting to $10.5 trillion by 2025 globally. With further developments in technology, we can only expect greater risks to data privacy and security and growing pressure for enterprises and industries to ensure compliance.

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By Geoff Bennett, Director of Solutions & Technology, Infinera

Submarine cable systems provide a vital communication pathway between continents. According to analyst firm Telegeography, there are 487 of these cables operating around the world today. Each cable is unique – some are simple, unrepeatered cables, while others stretch across the oceans for over 10,000 kilometers. But there are certain factors that determine the performance of any cable, as measured by two crucial metrics – the maximum wavelength data rate and the total transmission capacity of each fiber pair.

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There is a global consensus on the importance of digital technology, a key enabler in today’s landscape as industries and businesses embrace innovation to build resilience. Stressing on the role of digital in his keynote speech for Huawei Connect 2021, Eric Xu, rotating chairman, Huawei, spoke in depth about Huawei’s on-going effort to innovate to accelerate digitalization, in line with national digital strategies undertaken by more than 170 countries.

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At a recent press conference titled "5G 700MHz Convergent Network of Dahaize Coal Mine", it was announced that ZTE deployed 5G industry core network (i5GC+iIMS) to provide Dahaize Coal Mine end-to-end 5G VoNR HD video services to support safe coal mine activities underground in real-time. It realizes the world’s first 5G 700M+2.6G convergent networking in the coal industry. ZTE successfully assisted Shaanxi Yulin Energy & Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. of China Coal Mine Group, China Coal Technology Engineering Group Smart Mining Co., Ltd., China Radio & Television, China Mobile, and other partners in deploying this network. This is the first time a 5G 700MHz frequency band network is applied in the field of industrial energy and is of great significance to the intelligent development of coal mines in China.

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On the second day of Huawei Connect 2021, Huawei launched 11 innovative scenario-based solutions to advance digital and intelligent transformation across five industries, namely government, finance, energy, transportation, and manufacturing.

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By Craig Burchell, Senior VP Global Government Affairs at Huawei, Shenzhen, China

Digital trade can accelerate economic recoveries by lowering transaction costs and accelerating time-to-market. For small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular, it can mean the difference between expanding into global markets or remaining purely as a domestic business.

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