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Huawei has accused the US government of launching cyberattacks to spy on their networks and threatening their staff.

The Chinese tech behemoth has been on the US’s trade blacklist for a few months over allegations that are not backed by hard evidence. The economic powerhouses, the US and China have been at odds for quite some time now, leaving Huawei the centerpiece of their trade war.

Huawei stated in a press release that the US was detaining its staff unlawfully and has launched cyberattacks to infiltrate their networks. They also stated that the FBI were going to the homes of Huawei employees in the US to pressure them into disclosing sensitive information about the company.

“We strongly condemn the malign, concerted effort by the US government to discredit Huawei and curb its leadership position in the industry,” said Huawei in the press release.

The US has not yet provided a comment on the allegations.

The Huawei statement came as the Wall Street Journal published a report which stated that it has been investigated by the US Department of Justice over the firm’s unlawful use of smartphone camera technology and the alleged theft of patents, to which Huawei said the statements were false.

The US has argued that Huawei poses a major national security risk in that it spies on Western countries on behalf of the Chinese government; however, the US has not put forward any evidence to back up these allegations. It was due to these allegations, the US put the firm on their trade blacklist back in May.

Huawei has time and time again rejected the allegations, emphasizing its independence from the Chinese government.

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