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The development of 5G-Advanced (5G-A) is expected to revolutionize network connectivity worldwide. The potential of 5G-A, particularly in the dynamic Asia Pacific region will be discussed at the Telecom Review Asia upcoming webinar entitled ‘Unleashing Network Capabilities with 5G-Advanced.’

The webinar is scheduled for April 29 at 2:00 PM, Singapore time. A compelling dialogue is poised to unfold, focusing on the substantial enhancement in network capacity brought about by 5G-A, and the array of opportunities it will unlock for the region.

Toni Eid, Founder and CEO of the Telecom Review Group, will deliver the opening address and introduce the significance of the topic in the modern telecoms landscape in the Asia Pacific region. Meanwhile, David Turkington, Head of Technology, APAC, GSMA, will serve as the moderator for the webinar and promises an engaging and thought-provoking dialogue.

5G-Advanced is expected to transform various sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing and transportation through improved speeds, highly dependable connectivity, and low-latency communication.

The transition from 5G to 5G-A involves a comprehensive strategy that includes technological enhancements, the allocation of spectrum, and the establishment of regulatory frameworks.

The webinar will showcase industry leaders who will shed light on the transformative potential of 5G-A. The panelists include:

  • Cheong Hai Thoo, Vice President, Mobile Network Engineering, Singtel
  • Shansil Shibly, VP and Head of Technology, Telenor Asia
  • Ir Fadli Hamsani, GM Enterprise Solution Management, Telkomsel
  • Nor Hisham Md Nordin, General Manager, Mobile & Wireless, TM One

5G-Advanced builds upon the foundation laid by 5G, with the aim of propelling the telecom industry into a new era of connectivity and innovation. 5G-A exhibits a remarkable tenfold augmentation in network capacity, heralding the potential for groundbreaking capabilities that are poised to reshape the digital landscape of Asia.

This panel discussion will provide an in-depth analysis of the following:

  • Unlocking industry-specific use cases and enabling new possibilities utilizing 5G-Advanced
  • Key features and capabilities of 5G-Advanced networks
  • Tech, spectrum and regulatory considerations when transitioning from 5G to 5G-Advanced
  • Successful deployment of 5G-Advanced in Asia
  • Importance of regional partnerships and collaborations to facilitate 5G-Advanced
  • Socioeconomic impact of 5G-Advanced on countries in Asia

Join us for an insightful panel discussion lead by industry leaders, as we analyze the key insights and factors enabling the transformative potential of 5G-A within the telecom industry of Asia. Participants will be presented with the opportunity to engage with the panelists in a live Q&A session, facilitating a dynamic exchange of ideas and expertise, making this an event to look forward to.

Join the virtual panel by registering here: 


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