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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Pawel Workiewicz, Head of Business Development Division in APAC & MEA of Comarch, delved into the company's extensive experience in delivering innovative IT products across multiple industries, particularly within telecommunications. He shared insights into Comarch's latest initiatives, the impact of cloud solutions on businesses, and highlighted key projects undertaken by the company.

Comarch recently received the license to use 4-4.1 GHz bandwidth for private 5G networks in Poland. What does this mean for the global enterprise customers in APAC and the MEA region?

Undoubtedly, the recent acquisition of the license 4-4.1 GHz bandwidth represents a significant milestone for our organization, signifying a pivotal step forward in our journey towards establishing an end-to-end solution. This license not only grants us the authority to function as a test laboratory but also opens up a plethora of opportunities for us to validate and refine our solutions. With this newfound capability, we are empowered to conduct rigorous testing, particularly in cutting-edge technologies such as 5G. Beyond merely evaluating the performance of our own systems, we are poised to explore and address various use cases that are currently in demand by operators, thereby enhancing the versatility and efficacy of our offerings.

In addition to facilitating comprehensive testing procedures, the acquisition of this license enables us to build and operate a private network within our facilities. This infrastructure plays a pivotal role in our innovation endeavors, allowing us to closely monitor network operations, conduct thorough evaluations, and implement real-time optimizations. Furthermore, it serves as the cornerstone of our innovation space— a dynamic environment where customers and stakeholders can engage with our solutions firsthand.

Within this innovation space, customers have the unique opportunity to witness our systems in action, gaining invaluable insights into their functionalities, capabilities, and performance. Through interactive demonstrations, they can observe real-world scenarios, explore diverse use cases, and experience the seamless integration of our solutions into their existing networks. Moreover, our innovation space serves as a collaborative hub, fostering open dialogue, knowledge sharing, and co-creation among industry stakeholders.

In an increasingly cloud-native environment, how are Comarch’s cloud solutions helping businesses boost efficiency and productivity? Are there any challenges that you are facing?

Being cloud-native is paramount in today's technological landscape. The shift towards cloud computing, whether it be private or public, is undeniable. From an architectural standpoint, our system is fully cloud-native, with our modules leveraging the latest technologies. Moreover, we have the capability to monitor cloud environments, a crucial aspect given the telecommunications industry's increasing reliance on cloud infrastructure. Our system excels in managing and orchestrating network transportation, providing dedicated support for these evolving networks.

What sets us apart is our innovative AI module, specifically designed for network orchestration. Known as multi-criteria intelligent resource allocation (MIRA), this module autonomously adjusts network parameters based on various policies and information gathered by our solution. This adaptive approach ensures optimal network performance and efficiency, further solidifying our position at the forefront of technological innovation.

Could you provide details on Comarch's investments in significant projects that are aligned with your expansion strategies in APAC and the MEA region?

In general, our strategy is to expand our presence in the Middle East and Asia. We've observed an increasing number of projects in the region and have consequently opened several offices, such as the recent one in Jakarta, Indonesia. However, the most significant project, which we're proud to have delivered recently, is in Japan. Comarch provided a comprehensive OSS solution for management of all aspects of KDDI’s 5G SA network. This project marks a significant milestone for us in the Japanese market. We anticipate significant transformations in terms of 5G technology in this region. Another noteworthy project we've successfully executed is in Korea, focusing on comprehensive OSS Transformation including 5G, 4G and fixed network. The key driver for the project was the preparation for a massive deployment of 5G network as well as optimization of internal company processes and improvement of the overall end-user experience.

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