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Globe has made it more convenient for fully verified GCash users to register their SIMs before the July 25 deadline in compliance with Republic Act (RA) 11934, or the SIM Registration Act.

The mobile service provider reminded and encouraged its fully-verified GCash users to utilize the easier way of registering their SIMs. After following and completing the registration process, they can expect an added incentive of 1 GB of data.

"We've always believed in the power of technology to streamline processes and enhance customer experience. By providing a quick and simple way for our users to register their SIMs, we're bolstering consumer security and ensuring that their connectivity services will remain uninterrupted," said Globe Group President and CEO Ernest Cu.

Under this new SIM registration protocol, selected Globe subscribers will receive a notification inviting them to register their SIMs by texting "GCASH", followed by their birthday in "mmddyy" format, to 8080. For example, a user born on May 22, 1983, shall text "GCASH 052283." This mode of registration will be operational until July 19, 2023.

By registering via this route, subscribers can request that GCash send their account details to Globe. They also certify that all data earlier submitted to GCash, including their full name, birth date, sex, address and IDs, is accurate. This demonstrates how Globe and GCash are teaming up to empower their customers and allow them to easily exercise their right to data portability under the Data Privacy Act.

Once Globe receives and validates all the information provided, subscribers will automatically receive an acknowledgment text message within a few days.

The new text method is the second mode of SIM registration via GCash. Globe and GCash previously rolled out a registration protocol where GCash users could register their SIMs directly through the app. Upon opening the GCash app, unregistered, fully verified users will receive a prompt to register their SIMs. They will also receive 1 GB of free data upon completion.

Aside from the GCash app, non-verified GCash customers and other Globe subscribers can register via the GlobeOne app or the Globe microsite, In-person assistance is also available at Globe Stores and EasyHubs across the nation.

"To avoid any service disruptions, we urge all our users to register their SIMs at the earliest. This reminder is part of our broader commitment to customer service and cyber security," said Cu.

The Philippine government mandates SIM registration under Republic Act 11934, enacted in December 2022, with the goal of combating the proliferation of cybercrime, including scams and other forms of fraud. By registering their SIMs, mobile phone users can protect themselves against cybercrime and help ensure that their SIMs are not used for illegal activities.

Failure to comply with the SIM Registration Act may result in SIM deactivation, leading to disruption of mobile services, including sending and receiving texts, making calls, internet browsing, video streaming, financial transactions and deliveries, among others.

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