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SoftBank Corp. plans to roll out Network Access Associates Ltd.’s (OneWeb) satellite communication services in Japan to improve low-latency communication services in the country.

OneWeb’s low Earth orbit satellites (LEO) will be incorporated into SoftBank’s closed domain connection services and are expected to provide more reliable and secured connections. There will also be dedicated bandwidth for customers to enjoy high-speed network connections. Customers from areas where mobile networks are unavailable, including remote areas and disaster-affected areas, will also benefit from OneWeb’s satellite services.

Takenori Kobayashi, SoftBank Corp. vice president and head of product technology division, expressed his enthusiasm for this new venture, saying, “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with OneWeb, a pioneer in low Earth orbit satellite communications. This collaboration will offer customers high-speed, low-latency connectivity solutions in remote and in underserved areas in Japan. We look forward to working closely with OneWeb to provide exceptional service and expand the reach of our growing Ubiquitous Network throughout the region.”

SoftBank aims to improve its Ubiquitous Network wherein communications can be seamlessly connected everywhere, by integrating non-terrestrial network ("NTN") solutions that provide communication networks utilizing satellites in space, such as OneWeb's LEO satellites and high-altitude platform stations (HAPS) in the stratosphere, with terrestrial mobile networks.

“We are excited to extend OneWeb's low-latency, high-performance satellite connectivity to SoftBank in its quest to connect Japan through its Ubiquitous Network. We thank SoftBank for their continued support and partnership and look forward to adding new reach, resiliency and capabilities to Japan's communications landscape.”

Softbank is also developing new services, such as tailoring its communication network based on the diverse demands of corporate clients and ensuring a one-stop supply of device terminals and customer support.

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