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Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited (HKBN) has partnered with Nokia to address the growing demand for fast broadband services among both residential and enterprise customers in the country.

Through this partnership, HKBN and Nokia aim to accelerate the implementation of advanced ultra-high-speed internet, facilitating a new era of connectivity through 25 Gbps broadband services.

William Yeung, HKBN Co-Owner, Executive Vice-chairman and Group CEO, said that the partnership showcases the company’s continuous commitment to innovation since the introduction of Hong Kong’s first fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband service in 2004.

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“Looking ahead, our company will continue to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, investing resources to expand network coverage and upgrade infrastructure. This will enable more households and businesses to benefit from our exceptional and high-quality services,” added Yeung.

The introduction of new-generation devices and the escalating need for digital transformation are driving the growing demand for greater bandwidth. As more advanced technologies and applications emerge, the capacity of existing networks is being pushed to its limits. Consumers and businesses alike are seeking faster, more reliable internet connections to support their digital activities. The surge in remote work, online education, and cloud computing further underscores the necessity for robust broadband infrastructure capable of handling increased data traffic efficiently.

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Improvements in broadband network technology are essential to meet these rising bandwidth demands. Cutting-edge applications such as Wi-Fi 8, 8K high-resolution video, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) require significantly more bandwidth and lower latency to function optimally.

HKBN's recent deployment of 25G PON technology revolutionizes consumer access to broadband services by offering ultra-high-speed and low-latency connections. This cutting-edge technology provides speeds that are 250 times faster than the current 100 Mbps broadband, significantly enhancing internet performance.

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With latency measured in microseconds, users can experience seamless, real-time connectivity, making it ideal for high-demand applications such as streaming, online gaming, and telecommuting. This advancement positions HKBN at the forefront of delivering next-generation internet services, setting a new standard for broadband connectivity.

“Nokia’s technology enables HKBN to upgrade its existing fiber network quickly and efficiently, leveraging both passive and active assets. With Nokia's technology and HKBN 's citywide network, we're leading customers into a new era of seamless connectivity,” said Geert Heyninck, Vice President of Broadband Networks at Nokia.

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