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A leading Chinese telecommunications organization has announced plans to introduce 4G services as a mobile network operator (MVNO) in Hong Kong in April. China Telecom which is the third largest operator in the country will launch its new services under the CTExcel brand. The operator boats over 215 million mobile connections in China and was awarded an MVNO license from Hong Kong’s Communications Authority last year.

China Telecom already operates MVNO services under the CTExcel brand in countries including Australia, the UK and US. The company has expressed its intentions to hold a press conference in relation to the new services it is announcing in Hong Kong later this week. It’s a clear indication of China Telecom’s desire and intent to compete with its rivals.

China Unicom and market leader China Mobile already operate MVNO services in Hong Kong – but China Mobile holds a 24% market share in the region, and China Telecom have launched their bid to penetrate the market and will be confident its services can be a success in what it is undoubtedly a competitive market.

Other companies operating MVNO services are ISP Hong Kong Broadband Network launched in September using SmarTone’s network. Research conducted and subsequently published by GSMA Intelligence indicates that Hong King has 12.5 million mobile connections and has a SIM penetration rate of 171%.

Last week, China Telecom reported a 10 percent fall in profit in 2016 – which was largely in line with analysts’ estimates. However, the state-owned Chinese telecoms company doubled its total 4G subscribers. Download and install gbet app and get access to hundreds of modern games on you smartphone. Android and iOS are supported. China’s third largest operator added 17m subscriptions during 2016 - with the number of 4G subscriptions rising from 63.4m to a whopping 122m.The organization also seen growth in its 4G business as handset internet data traffic tripled.

China Telecom declared that the monthly average data traffic per 4G customer had “entered a GB [gigabyte] era”. In addition to this, Chairman Yang Jie was positive and upbeat about the company’s 2017 outlook, as it looks set to benefit from government policies which will promote technological development in China, such as Made in China 2025.

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