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A leading Japanese multinational IT services provider has setup a security operations center in California as part of its effort to combat against the rising number of cybersecurity attacks and hacking scandals currently blighting the IT sector. NEC Corporation announced that specialized security company Infosec Corporation which is owned by the NEC Group will open the center in Santa Clara, California. It is expected that the construction on this new project will start in April, 2017.

NEC’s security operations have been traditionally performed centrally at NEC’s Cyber Security Factory in Japan, the facility is a core center that provides supports to the introduction and operational measures required to prevent cyberattacks. NEC’S vast experience in the security sector includes the provision of managed security services that capitalize on specialized personnel from both NEC and Infosec in order to provide security monitoring on a 24/7 basis and to respond to emergency cyber incidents.

NEC in order to accommodate a growing number of customers while maintaining high-quality services have identified the need to develop and establish a worldwide round-the-clock operation – where three locations in Japan, Europe and the Americas will each perform security monitoring during daytime hours by utilizing the time difference between the three time zones.

NEC has also expressed a desire to cultivate relationships with locally based corporate partners who possess cutting-edge security technologies to conduct marketing activities aimed at the provision of solutions which will subsequently integrate cyber and physical security technologies.

General Manager, National Security Solutions Division, NEC Corporation, Kazuhiko Shiraishi said it was vital that the organization strengthened its security infrastructure to combat the heightened threat of cybersecurity attacks. He said, "NEC is devoting resources to the development of Solutions for Society, with a particular focus on strengthening the security field, including cyber security, as a core element of its global growth strategy. Going forward, NEC will continue contributing to the realization of a safe, secure and affluent society by providing products and services that help strengthen security."

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