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PLDT users experienced slow internet browsing on Monday after one of its submarine cable partners reported connection issues.

"One of our submarine cable partners confirms a loss in some of its internet bandwidth capacity, and thus causing slower internet browsing," PLDT announced in an advisory.

Downdetector showed an increased number of complaints during PLDT’s submarine cable glitch issues. Some customers encountered problems accessing sites like Google, Gmail and even YouTube.

"We are working with our partners to provide alternate capacity that would restore the browsing experience in the next few hours," the telco giant added.

Meanwhile, the following day, Tuesday, PLDT announced a solution they made in regard to the issue: “Our submarine cable partner confirms supplementing additional capacity, restoring browser experience."

PLDT also advised its customers to restart their routers for a better connection. “Please refresh your connection by restarting your router,” it instructed.

Recently, the company has set goals to breach the Petabit level (1,000 Terabits) in an international capacity as it directs funds into more strategic international subsea cables in the next five years.

“PLDT’s continuous investments in international submarine cables not only provide our customers better online experience, but they also help boost the country’s digital economy including the proliferation of fintech, help create more jobs, and attract interested global tech giants or hyperscalers to invest here,” said Mitch L. Locsin, PLDT and Smart first vice president and head of enterprise and international business groups.

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