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Leading cloud specialist CCL has launched CloudIQ, a managed hybrid cloud service that promises to integrate and coordinate multiple cloud environments to provide enterprises with a comprehensive and adaptable cloud solution. Businesses may use CloudIQ to seamlessly blend on-premise, private and public cloud infrastructures, catering to their specific needs.

Richard Adams, CEO, CCL, explained that CloudIQ comes as a response to the growing demand for hybrid cloud solutions in the market: “Often we see cloud transformation discussions focus on a fixed choice between private and public cloud environments, but industry research shows that 77% of organizations actually prefer a hybrid approach. This allows them to use different clouds for different workloads while still being able to obtain a single view and level of orchestration across them all, and that’s what we set out to deliver with CloudIQ.”

CloudIQ's key offering is a unified platform that provides enterprises with extensive visibility and control over their multiple cloud environments. This would enable businesses to make informed decisions when allocating resources and selecting the best cloud solutions for various applications and workloads, eventually improving their cost efficiency.

Mr. Adams highlights the challenges that many firms encounter when migrating to the cloud, particularly those depending on legacy systems or with workloads that must be stored in New Zealand. CloudIQ provides an elegant solution by enabling businesses to install the proper mix of cloud platforms while providing a seamless transition path from old to new, removing the need for abrupt changes to all workloads or treating them consistently.

“At CCL, we are uniquely placed to support our customers with a managed hybrid cloud solution, with our own locally owned and domiciled data center network, our strong relationships with hyperscale public cloud providers, and our ability to provide local knowledge and expertise on the ground. We’re looking forward to working with our customers to help them become more productive and sustainable through technology,” Mr. Adams added.

As a trusted provider of cloud services and part of Spark Business Group, CCL has a proven track record of delivering successful cloud solutions to a wide range of New Zealand organizations. Spark Business Group owns and runs 16 local data centers, with an additional $250-$300 million in data center expansion planned over the next few years.

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