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Indonesia has officially entered the high-speed railway era with the launch of The WHOOSH, Indonesia's Jakarta–Bandung high-speed railway. The railway cuts Jakarta-Bandung travel time from 3.5 hours to 40 minutes, boosting economic development along the route. Huawei has partnered with China Railway Signal & Communication (CRSC) and China Telecom to build a dedicated railway network for the WHOOSH which provides reliable technical support for intelligent, safe and efficient train operations through real-time train communications, control and dispatching.

The WHOOSH Leverages Huawei’s Advanced Technology

This first high-speed railway in Southeast Asia, which may reach 350 km/h, spans 142.3 kilometers between Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, and tourist destination, Bandung. This marks the first project beyond China to utilize China’s high-speed railway system, encompassing all components of the industry value chain.

The trains are equipped with the Chinese Train Control System Level 3 (CTCS-3). The train control system needs a stable, dependable, dedicated communications network with high security, huge bandwidth, and simple O&M due to the trains' high speed and short departure intervals. This ensures train safety, efficiency and speed.

Lai Chaosen, Vice President of Huawei Indonesia, explained that WHOOSH's train-to-ground wireless network leverages Huawei's well-established technology and advanced interleaving techniques to ensure seamless coverage. The network ensures robust train control signal transmission and intelligent scheduling with 99.99% availability.

The data network uses Huawei's next-generation data communications equipment, which guarantees 100% secure networks through native hard pipes. Every link is protected by redundancy. Each redundancy switchover can be completed within just 35 ms.

The WHOOSH Pioneers China’s Global Rail Expansion Strategy

Liu Jieping, CRSC's Deputy Chief Engineer of the Jakarta–Bandung Project, explained that the launch of the WHOOSH represents a major landmark in China's global expansion strategy for high-speed railways. The train-to-ground wireless network, transmission network, data network and other system solutions provided by Huawei have built a high-quality, dedicated, communications network for the WHOOSH, and provided reliable technical support for safe and efficient train operations.

"We would like to thank all stakeholders, especially Huawei and CRSC, for their contributions in preparing technology solutions and railway infrastructure that are instrumental in supporting the operation of the Whoosh high-speed train. The shared implementation of proven technology solutions and operational solutions of the Whoosh high-speed train can serve as a reference and benchmark for the development of other high-speed rail infrastructure in Indonesia and similar projects in other ASEAN countries,” said Dwiyana Slamet Riyadi, president director of PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia China (KCIC).

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